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Wings of Desire | Open Air screening as part of 'City on Film'


An angel’s eye view of a city torn in two. 

In his evocative story of two angels observing and discovering love through the divided city, Wim Wenders captured both the stirring hope and underlying sadness of Berlin in the late 1980s.

The angelic Damiel and Cassiel, are two of the invisible and immortal angels who destined to look over the city and its inhabitants - a vocation they undertake with gentle omniscience and touching naivete. As Damiel falls in love with a lonely trapeze artist, he yearns to experience the simple, sensory pleasure of his mortal flock.

Almost instantly hailed as a classic of cinema, and featuring a surprisingly touching supporting performance by Peter Falk (better known as the TV detective Columbo) and visceral concert footage of The Birthday Party and Nick Cave, Wings of Desire is a starkly beautiful portrayal of the complicated relationship between a city and it’s people - both mortal and otherwise.

Please note - this is an outdoor screening so please dress up warm. Sound will be provided through wireless headphones to ensure highest quality for the audience.