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Chinatown | Open Air screening as part of 'City on Film'


“Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown”

By taking the conventions of film noir,  flooding them with colour and laying the story out to bleach in the Californian sun, Roman Polanski’s searing portrait of an embryonic Los Angeles, poisoned by corruption and self-interest.

In Chinatown, Jack Nicholson both shines and glowers in the sleazy Private Eye persona of Jake Gittes who is drawn into unpicking the sordid web of politics, development and blind personal greed. Towering over it all is Noah Cross (played by John Huston), the richest and most powerful man in LA . Cross rules both the city and his own family to the same demonic zeal, as he conspires to drain the surrounding valleys of their fresh water to feed the insatiable needs of the ever-expanding urban sprawl.

In its portrayal of wider evil that lies in the darks corners and storm drains of the city, Chinatown weaves petty civic double-dealings with despotic ambition in a narrative that is part murder mystery, part Old Testament fable that reveals the dark heart beating beneath the City of Angels.

Please note - this is an outdoor screening so please dress up warm. Sound will be provided through wireless headphones to ensure highest quality for the audience.