Potemkin Theatre 


In March 2019, the Potemkin Theatre was announced as the winner of the Antepavilion architecture prize.

Created by Maich Swift Architects, and  inspired by Monsieur Hulot’s tumbledown building in Jacques Tati’s film Mon Oncle, the Potemkin Theatre looks over the wharf, the canal and surroundings, providing a stage from which to see and be seen.

The aspiration was that it would function as a theatre, cinema and events space over the summer 2019… and perhaps beyond.

 The Beacon Festival at the Potemkin Theatre is a programme of performance, exhibition and debate that will bring together London’s emerging architects, cutting edge immersive theatremakers, local arts organisations and students from the worlds of performance and architecture.

In doing so, Beacon Festival will provide a meeting place for emerging practitioners from across different fields to celebrate their work, share ideas and positively influence each other’s practice.